Black Mountain Pack Llamas

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Doug Bearmar is a highly skilled wilderness traveler with pack llamas.  From the low desert of Southern California to the high Alpine on the John Muir Trail, he has experience trekking and packing with llamas. Doug is also an experienced trainer, breeder and show person of high-quality llamas. I have had numerous business dealings with Doug involving llama services and find him very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Doug in all things related to llamas. Happy Trails!

 - Greg and Diana Harford, Potato Ranch Llama Packers

Doug at Black Mountain Pack Llamas (BMPL) is helpful and super knowledgeable about llamas and the trails. Both times that we rented llamas from him, he helped advise us on camp spots, conditions such as water availability and trail blockages (downed trees), and the like. He has even taken it upon himself to do some scouting before our trip to help make it run smoothly!

Doug gives a good training/refresher prior to taking the llamas out, so that we felt confident that we’d be able to handle anything that would likely come up. The llamas are the best, especially Django! He’s a sweetheart llama, easy to work with, strong, and always raring to get on the trail.

Both times we worked with BMPL, we did through trips and Doug graciously shuttled us back to our vehicle at the end. Also, a nice touch: at the end of our trail, he’d have some nice refreshing snacks set out for us - cold drinks, fresh fruit and cheese, etc.

Regarding using llamas on the trail, we now have one baby and one father with some lower back issues, so being able to hit the trail with llama support is fantastic! Thanks so much, Doug!!

 - Christopher & Veronica Pluhar from Fresno, CA

I had a wonderful time llama packing with you. Django and JW were such gentlemen and made things easy. Being able to bring the extra equipment that made our back country trek so comfortable was new to me. I never thought I'd be able to have a table, chair, ice chest with fresh food in the back country and not have to carry it on my back. I just love the llamas and their personalities, so easy going and entertaining to get to know.  I'm really looking forward to next time! 


Monday, June 5, 2023