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Here’s a list of the various organizations we’ve formed positive connections with during our decades of adventures with llamas:


Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

A family owned and operated business located in Eastern Idaho and operating in the Western United States offering working llama sales and rentals, ranch tours, commercial outfitting, and guided hiking treks.


International Llama Registry

A not-for-profit corporation serving as the largest accurate compilation of llama genealogical information in the world. 


Llama Association of Southern California

A non-profit organization that promotes the ethical breeding, raising, and showing of llamas in southern California, and provides educational resources, support, and community for local llama owners and breeders. Our owner Douglas Bearmar is a board member. 


Alpaca Llama Show Association

A national organization promoting the alpaca and llama industry in the United States through education, support, and recognition for owners and breeders.


North American Ccara Association

A national organization committed to seek out, preserve, perpetuate and promote the best specimens of the working llama.


Potato Ranch Llama Packers

Sales, training, and breeding of outstanding pack llamas and self-guided trip rentals in the Central Sierras foothills of CA.

Monday, May 15, 2023