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Mobile Shearing

Grooming is a must to maintain your llama’s well-being and ensure their fleece remains in top condition. Black Mountain Pack Llamas now offers specialized mobile shearing services on site at your location as a convenient and efficient solution to benefit both you and your llamas. Our innovative approach eliminates transporting llamas to a distant shearing facility, making the entire process more comfortable and stress-free for the animals.

Key Benefits of Mobile Llama Shearing:

Reduced Stress for Llamas: Shearing in familiar surroundings reduces anxiety llamas could experience during transportation.

Convenience: Save time and effort! No arranging transportation or spending hours in traffic. We come to your location and make the process hassle-free. You just need to provide the power or electricity.

Expertise and Experience: Doug Bearmar is an experienced, in-demand shearing professional that understands the specific needs of llamas. He’s traveled as far as Idaho to shear 58 llamas for a major llama farm in just two days. Through the use of specialized techniques and high quality professional Heiniger equipment, Doug ensures a safe and efficient shearing process.

Minimized Contamination: Bringing llamas to a shearing facility can expose them to other animals, potentially leading to the spread of diseases. Mobile shearing minimizes this risk since your llamas remain on their home turf.

Improved Fleece Quality: We take extra care to ensure the fleece is sheared cleanly and with minimal damage. This leads to higher-quality fleece that can be used for various purposes, including crafting and textiles.

Customized Shearing Schedule: Coordinate with us to create a shearing schedule tailored to your herds’ specific needs. This flexibility ensures your llamas’ fleece is harvested at its peak quality.

Bonding Opportunity: Mobile llama shearing allows you to be present during the process so you can bond with your animals and better understand their needs.


The Shearing Process:

Our mobile llama shearing service follows these steps:

Preparation: The customer catches and halters their llamas prior to our arrival. If you need assistance with catching and haltering untrained llamas, we can help. Upon our arrival, we gently secure the llama with a portable chute to ensure safety during shearing.

Shearing: The professional shearer uses specialized shearing tools to remove the llama's fleece while minimizing any discomfort.

Post-Shearing Care: After shearing, the llama may receive additional grooming and care, such as nail trimming, teeth inspection, or vaccination (if needed).

Cleanup: The shearer cleans up the area, removing any fleece remnants or waste.


Fee Schedule:

Site Fee & Set-Up $80
Full Nudie $100
Lion Cut $80
Barrel Cut $50
Optional Add-Ons (per llama)  
CDT Annual Shots* $30
Toe Nail Trimmings $25
Teeth Inspection $10
Fighting Teeth Trimming $40
Catch & Halter** TBD

*Requires 6-week booster

**Cost based on difficulty of catching and haltering each llama.

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Saturday, October 7, 2023