Black Mountain Pack Llamas

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Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Bradford B. Smith, Karen I. Timm & Patrick O. Long


Caring for Llamas and Alpacas : A Health and Management Guide by Clare Hoffman and Ingrid Asmus


Llama and Alpaca Care: Medicine, Surgery, Reproduction, Nutrition, and Herd Health by David E. Anderson, Ahmed Tibary, Chris Cebra, Larue Willard Johnson, and Robert J. Van Saun


A Breeder's Guide to Genetics: Relax, It's Not Rocket Science by Ingrid Wood and Denise Como


Packing with Llamas, 4th Edition, by Stanlynn Daugherty


Llamas on the Trail: A Packers Guide by David Harmon & Amy Rubin


Storey’s Guide to Raising Llamas by Gale Birutta


Impact of Llamas as Hiking Companions by Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas (WRTL)


Feeding Camelids by the International Llama Association (ILA)


Learn About Llamas - A llama guide for children! The elementary students from Ms. Ruth Platt’s summer environmental program at selected this web site as a favorite resource. 

Thursday, December 14, 2023