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Online Llama Packing Course


Unleash Your Inner Adventurer! 

Online Llama Packing Course:

Join us for an exciting course and discover the unique world of outdoor adventure with our four-legged companions! 

Why Llamas?

With their gentle disposition, sure-footedness, and ability to carry 70+ pound loads, llamas enable you to hike further, stay longer, and camp more comfortably. Whether you're planning a day hike or mutli-day trek, llamas make the perfect outdoor companion!

What Will You Learn?

  • Handling & Care
  • Packing Techniques
  • Packing Equipment
  • Route Planning & Navigation
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Llama Transport
  • First Aid
  • Leave-No-Trace
  • More Details Here

Why This Course?

  • Incredible Value!
  • Appropriate For All Levels
  • Learn At Your Own Pace Online
  • 69 Lessons & Six Hours Of Training Content
  • Expert Instruction
  • Practical Skills & Demonstrations
  • Ultimate End-To-End Complete Training Resource

Only $65!

Optional Hands-On Instruction:

Graduates of our online llama packing course have the opportunity to go to the next level and receive hands-on training during a two-hour in-person training session with an expert llama breeder and packing trainer. The per-person cost is $65.

Graduates of the two-hour hands-on training session are then eligible for a half day or overnight guided llama packing trek with our expert guide. This is a requirement for renting our llamas, if your goal is to eventually rent llamas for your own solo adventures. This ensures you gain the necessary experience to succeed on your solo llama rental.

Please contact us to schedule your hands-on training.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024