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Llama Orientation Clinic

Before you embark on your rental adventure, we require completion of an online orientation course to learn the basics of packing with llamas. For $65 you'll receive 69 lessons and six hours of training content!

The course will cover how to:

  • Halter lead ropes (attach & detach)
  • Saddle and unmount llamas
  • Hang & load panniers
  • Use the tie out stakes and water buckets
  • Trailer loading & transport

You’ll also learn:

  • An introduction to the equipment
  • Grazing instructions/habits
  • Weight load distribution
  • General rules of the trail 

Our clinic utilizes the Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas training orientation curriculum, with their approval. You can view the full outline for the llama orientation course here.

If you're ready to get started on your llama packing course, click here! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Hands-On Instruction:

After completing your online llama orientation course, you'll also be required to complete a two-hour in-person training session ($65) and then either a half day or overnight guided llama packing trip for next-level hands-on training before arriving at our farm to pick up your rental llamas. This ensures you gain the necessary experience to succeed on your solo llama rental. Please contact us to schedule.

Course Refresher:

When you arrive on the day of your rental, we will complete a short in-person course refresher included with the rental fee. We’ll also spend time getting you acclimated to the specific rental llamas so you'll become familiar with their behavior. Our llamas are extremely well-trained before graduating to packing on the trails. They’re protective, intelligent, and excellent companions. 

Training Exemptions:

If you have rented llamas from us in the past or have rented llamas from another credible pack llama business, you will not need to take the training course or pay the fee again.


Thursday, May 23, 2024