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Breeding Studs - Superior Working Llamas

Only select working Ccaras earn the privilege of outside stud service on our farm. Even with the most impressive bloodlines, they must still prove themselves to be the best in longevity, ability, drive, stamina, intelligence, temperament, pedigree, structure, movement, balance, grace and agility.

Each of our four studs are quite unique. They provide our customers diversity in personality, experience, and blood line to produce outcross lines. If you need assistance deciding which stud would be best for your female(s), please contact us for our recommendations.

D’Jango  - $1,000 fee

Canada’s Reserve (CR) - $1,000 fee

JW - $1,000 fee

Johnny Cash - $1,000 fee


Females must be transported to our location. Discounts will be given for multiple females. We have limited success with same day breeding arrangements and do not recommend this method. We prefer your female resides with us 90-120 days to ensure she is bred and her pregnancy settles. The longer she can stay on our farm, the better chance she has of getting pregnant and having a successful birth. After we are confident your female is successfully bred, she will return to you.

What’s Included:

We provide boarding, keep and care for the duration of her stay. This includes high quality grass, hay, pasture, minerals, vitamins, water, shelter, and conditioning hikes if needed. We will weigh her each week, trim her feet if needed, do our best to impregnate her, and check her pregnancy initially by field testing. We can provide ultrasound and/or progesterone test for a prearranged pass through fee.


  • Outside breeding contract [link to download]
  • 50% deposit upon female’s arrival to farm (non-refundable)
  • Remaining stud fee due upon live birth of healthy cria
  • Guaranteed Iive birth - If the cria is stillborn, has health issues, or the female doesn’t give birth, you do not pay the remaining balance of the stud fee. We can attempt to breed her again, however we will again require another $200 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of our time, feed, and accommodations. We will also recommend the female have a veterinarian knowledgeable in camelids check her for likely causes of the issue.


The Process:

Checklist For Transport:

  • Obtain a vet health inspection to travel from your state or location to Ramona, CA
  • Perform a fecal sample to check for internal parasites (please send us the report).
  • Make sure your female is up-to-date on her vaccinations
  • Trim her nails and groom her properly
  • Certify she’s healthy - skinny and overweight llamas sometimes cannot conceive & make successful breeding challenging

Before Arrival: 

  • Sign our outside breeding contract [link to download]
  • Pay your 50% deposit upon arrival (non-refundable)


If you’re seeking to breed your female(s), reach out to us and we will walk through the logistics and make accommodations. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2023