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The goal of our breeding program is to preserve and enhance the integrity of the superior Ccara llama genetics and produce a genetically diverse herd with top bloodlines. We aim to reproduce similarly large, energetic, and athletic llamas with proper conformation and pleasing dispositions. We do not line breed. 

Why Ccaras?

6,000 years ago the Incas knew the high performance capabilities of the Ccara llamas, and as a result, they were a symbol of privilege and power in South America. They were bred for working, so they are expected to carry 99 pounds for 6-12 miles per day for many consecutive days over remote, high elevations. 

If conditioned properly, other breeds of llamas can be trained to pack 60 pounds up to 12 miles in one day. However, they cannot repeat this on consecutive days like a Ccara llamas, who can carry 80+ pounds, day after day.

Our Climate Advantage

The Ramona climate is dry and similar to the Altiplano or High Plains of the Andes Mountains in Peru. Our year-round mild climate allows flexibility in the breeding season. The lack of extreme cold temperatures places lower environmental stress on the dam, increasing the chances of a full term pregnancy and healthy cria.

Not All Hay Is Created Equal

Feeding quality hay yields robust, healthy llamas. We use grass hay and feed a mixture of oat hay, Bermuda hay, 4-Way, and Teff hay from trusted sources. It’s grown in Arizona or the Imperial Valley of California, all watered by the Colorado River. 

Meet Our Breeding Llamas:



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Tuesday, June 6, 2023